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Illuming Power develops fuel cell materials, components, and stacks for automotive OEM’s and their suppliers.  Our focus on cost and performance has produced competitive MEA’s, superior sealing options, and the lowest cost, thinnest expanded graphite bipolar plates in the industry.  These innovations continue to accelerate the electrification of vehicles by assisting OEM’s both new to fuel cell powertrains and those looking to further reduce manufacturing cost.

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Design, test, prototype and manufacturing deployment

From our facilities in Vancouver, British Columbia, we have the expertise to design, build, and test fuel cell products and manufacturing processes that meet the challenging requirements of the transportation sector, with reduced cycle time and cost.


Fuel cell component, stack, and system design, development, validation, and testing.


Making bipolar plates, seals, MEA’s, hardware, and custom stacks. 


Developing and testing novel composite and polymer materials for fuel cell plate and sealing applications. 

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Energy Innovation

Our mission is to commercialize our technologies, designs, and materials to provide improved performance and reduced cost to our fuel cell customers in Asia, North America and Europe.

Our Team

Meet our team of industry experts

Our team is comprised of experienced scientists, engineers, and technologists, including PhD level materials scientists and engineers with 20+ years of experience in fuel cell stack and component design.

Our Team

Our Partners and Customers

World class industry leading partners

With over 50 million km driven, our customer base has deployed thousands of IPI designed stacks in both heavy duty automotive and stationary power applications.  

Our Partners and Customers

World class industry leading partners

Development partnership with Matthews Internationals’ Saueressig Business Unit, a global manufacturer of production lines for the clean energy market and leader in calendering lines for electrode production of lithium-ion batteries for the electric vehicle market.

Our customer base has deployed thousands of vehicles, logging over 37 million kilometers driven with our technology.

Our Facility

Engineering lab and prototype manufacturing

Our 6,000 ft² facility in Vancouver, British Columbia contains offices, test labs, clean rooms, and manufacturing areas.  This bespoke workspace is tailored for rapid and efficient cycles of design, validation, and manufacturing.

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