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Illuming Power develops and supplies fuel cell stacks, components and materials. Our focus on reducing cost and increasing performance has produced industry competitive stacks, MEA’s, superior sealing options, and the lowest cost, thinnest expanded graphite bipolar plates in the industry. 

We contract manufacture expanded graphite bipolar plates, elastomeric seals and complete fuel cell stacks. 

Our off-the-shelf stack solutions accelerate our customers development cycle, and our custom stack designs can meet the requirements for any fuel cell application. 

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Design, prototype and test.

From our facilities in Vancouver, British Columbia, we have the expertise to design and build fuel cell stacks and components that can meet the most challenging fuel cell requirements.

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Energy Innovation

Illuming Power’s innovation is based on our experience in the Vancouver fuel cell cluster, trade secrets, know-how, and patent filings.  

Our Team

Meet our team of industry experts

Our team is comprised of experienced scientists, engineers, and technologists, including PhD level materials scientists and engineers with 15 decades of combined experience in fuel cell stack and component design.

Our Team

Our Partners and Customers

World class industry leading partners

With over 140 million km driven, our global customer base has deployed thousands of IPI designed stacks into stationary power and heavy duty automotive applications.  

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