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Proven and durable PEM stacks with market leading price performance.  Available as core stack or stack packs in standard 90kW, 140kW and 200kW configurations.

Design & Manufacturing

Bipolar plates, MEA’s, hardware and fully customizable fuel cell stacks.


High performance fuel cell impregnation resin and adhesive materials.

Fuel Cell Stack Core

A bare stack configuration available in standard 90kW, 140kW or 200kW sizes. 

  • Fluid Connectors (Fuel/Oxidant/Coolant ports) 
  • Electrical Power Connectors 

Fuel Cell  Stack pack

Standard 90kW, 140kW, 200kW configurations available

  • Available in a stack core and stack package versionThese 3.7 kW/L stacks are capable of cold start to -30 °C, offer robust and reliable operation, proven in daily commercial settings.  
  • Fluid connectors (Fuel/Oxidant/Coolant ports) 
  • Electrical connectors (Power and Cell Voltage) 
  • Integrated manifold w/ sensor mounting ports 
  • Integrated automotive class mechanical mounting  
  • IP67 housing 


Custom Stacks

Design and build of customized fuel cell stack sizes and configurations available.

Engage with us to discuss your specific requirementsOur experienced team will professionally and reliably develop and build the perfect stack design balancing your efficiency, performance and durability requirements. 




Custom Bipolar Plates

Engage with us to discuss your specific requirementsOur experienced team will professionally and reliably design and build the perfect bipolar plate to meet your performance requirements. 

Design and build of customized Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEA’s).

With our in house coating capabilities, we can design and manufacture customized catalyst layers to met your MEA performance and durability requirements.

High Performance Fuel Cell Impregnation resin and Adhesive materials

Our Adhesive is a single component, high temperature resistant, heat activated Epoxy. It cures to a high performance thermoset system with excellent adhesion properties to a wide variety of substrates. 

Illuming Power’s Bipolar Plate Fuel Cell Impregnation Resin is the solution to making leak tight, stiff, and durable graphite fuel cell bipolar plates. The cured resin exhibits excellent chemical resistivity and maintains stiffness at elevated temperatures.

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