Experts in hydrogen fuel cell technology

Illuming Power develops and produces materials, membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs), components, and fuel cell stacks. Design for manufacture has produced the lowest cost, thinnest expanded graphite bipolar plates and sealing options. Illuming Power is engaged in establishing production capacity to meet the demand for mass deployment.

Whether you need an off the shelf stack solution or a customized stack design, Illuming Power has the expertise to advance your application. 



Our Team

Meet our team of industry experts

Our team is comprised of experienced scientists, engineers, and technologists, including PhD level materials scientists and engineers with a combined 15 decades of experience in fuel cell stack and component design.

CEO + Founder, Jeff Plato

Jeff Plato, CEO and Founder

Over 20 years’ experience in the electronics, industrial, and fuel cell equipment business in Europe, North America, and Asia. Jeff brings business leadership with a global perspective to our team.

Simon Farrington, CTO + Founder

Simon Farrington, CTO and Founder

Fuel cell and automotive designer since 1996, Simon understands fuel cells from the business case, to the system architecture, to the tiniest bipolar plate design detail.

Principal Engineer + Founder, Daniel Ramrus

Daniel Ramrus, Principal Engineer and Founder

With a PhD in Chemical Engineering and 20 years of researching and deploying seals, adhesives, and polymers, Daniel makes sure every stack stays leak tight.

Principal Scientist, Bien Chiem

Bien Chiem, Principal Scientist

Developing fuel cell MEA’s since 1994! Bien is our expert for all things related to catalyst, ionomer, CCM, and MEA.

Our History

Since 2017, our global clients and partners have leveraged Illuming Power’s design and manufacturing expertise to produce thousands of fuel cell stacks for stationary power and heavy duty automotive applications.  We have enabled our clients to accelerate development and reduce costs, making them more competitive in the global market.

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