Rapid development and manufacture of fuel cell components and stacks

From our headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, we have the capability to design, prototype, and build fuel cell products to meet the most challenging requirements of any diesel replacement technology.





Our experienced team can design a fuel cell stack and all critical components to meet the most challenging applications.


Illuming’s team delivers on custom stack designs to achieve both high power density and high gravimetric density for demanding fuel cell applications. We also offer an array of off-the-shelf stack solutions.

Bipolar Plates

Our industry leading expanded graphite bipolar plate assemblies are designed to provide high power density, durability and performance. They can be commercially manufactured at the lowest cost in the world.

Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEA’s)

We are experts in MEA design, including catalyst powder and ionomer choices, ink formulation and GDL specification. We work closely with industry-leading component suppliers to design and deliver the highest performing and cost effective MEA products.


We have a patented technique to mold seals with our proprietary material.  These non-silicone seals are deployed in the field and are proven to have excellent durability.  They also have a low oxygen transmission rate, and rely on low reaction force, key factors when designing seals for fuel cell.


We’ve developed adhesive products that have excellent shelf life, cure rapidly with heat, and can be screen printed or dispensed.


Comprehensive testing facilities and equipment

We have two test stations to evaluate the performance and durability of our unit cell designs in both sub-scale and short stacks. We also have a range of instruments for material and component testing and characterization, including an optical CMM, tensile test machine, microscope, leak testers, and TUC-RUC (thickness and resistance under compression).

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